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First, I bring over two decades of senior-level administrative experience from the corporate environment to the virtual table. Next, I present my rigorous 20-week attendance and graduation from Assist University (www.assistu.com) as a professionally-trained Virtual Assistant. Most proudly, I am a business owner in that capacity known as V. A. Synergy.

I choose to work in long-term collaborative partnerships with entrepreneurs like you, virtually. Technology allows me to conduct business on your behalf as if I was actually in your office. However, one important benefit to you is that I am a fellow business owner. I have my own office, equipment, payroll, benefits, insurance, etc. That means you only have to pay for my time actually spent working with you completing tasks for you, administratively.

My commitment is to operate as a "partner" within my working relationships. The virtual environment requires ongoing communication, honesty, and reliability. I will always be an expert problem solver and an expert idea generator for you. I will be intuitive and proactive at all times. Your best interests are always at the forefront and adding value to your business goals is my continuous approach. I am also held to the highest of standards and ethics as I conduct business.

Synergy will develop naturally.

Free time immediately opens up your world and that's where the balance comes back into your life, strategically! 

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"I found Dona to be professional, a self-starter, very bright, highly detailed, forward-thinking, total planner, very proud of her work, courteous, prompt, reliable, thorough, trusted, timely, ethical, and a person with an incredibly high work ethic. The pride she takes in her work is unsurpassed. Dona needed to think outside of the box on a regular basis - to get information, track down some obscure item to order, or to determine the best course of action to get the desired outcome. Dona has the skill set to be the right hand of any small business owner."

Lori Steiner, Chief Marketing Officer, Dominion Homes Inc.

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