Here are some testimonials of previous clients I have worked with. I am confident if we start working together, your testimonial will be added to this page.

"Dona is a highly efficient, talented and responsible virtual assistant. Not only can I count on her to get things done well and  
on time, I can count on both her integrity and her innovativeness. I have had many work assistants over the past 20 years but none like Dona that are both excellent with the details and at the same time, strong at ideas and innovation. I never have to worry about things falling through the cracks and can count on her finding a way to do the impossible!" 

Liz Berney, Ph.D., Berney Associates, Training & Organization Development

"Dona is my Virtual Assistant. I have worked with her since 2008 and my business would not be where it is today without Dona. She has been a tremendous asset to my business, handling all of the details while I grow the business."

"Dona is very personable, a great problem-solver, extremely proactive, and always willing to take on a new challenge. I
repeatedly hear back from clients how much they enjoy talking to Dona."

Sabrina Starling, Ph.D, ACC

"My success was highly dependent on Dona's ability to execute as she was extremely organized, proactive, and very involved. She was an effective collaborator coordinating the schedules of individuals whose time was extremely limited, but demanded a great attention to detail."

"Dona was able to work very independently with initial direction from me to execute critical tasks under sometimes very short deadlines."

"At times when my entire day was spent out in the community with almost no time in the office, I put my reliance in Dona to complete critical projects and they were done at or beyond expectations the first time."

Keith E. Barsuhn, President, United Way

"I found Dona to be professional, a self-starter, very bright, highly detailed, forward-thinking, total planner, very proud of her work, courteous, prompt, reliable, thorough, trusted, timely, ethical, and a person with an incredibly high work ethic. The pride she takes in her work is unsurpassed. Dona needed to think outside of the box on a regular basis - to get information, track down some obscure item to order, or to determine the best course of action to get the desired outcome. Dona has the skill set to be the right hand of any small business owner."

Lori Steiner, Chief Marketing Officer, Dominion Homes Inc.

"Dona is a truly remarkable individual with a can-do attitude. Dona did an excellent job of managing a whole variety of constituents and was always proactive in keeping me on track. Dona is a quality individual and would be an asset to anyone fortunate enough to have her on their team."

Stephen P. Smith, Senior Vice President & Treasurer

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